Harun Al Rashid, aka Rascal
born October 11, 2007
adopted December 16, 2007
December 16, 2007 - first day home
The Sultan meets his boy...
The Sultan attempts diplomacy toward Emperor Norton.
December 17, 2007 - I will tuck the boy in, but I still have some exploring to do!
I get up to lots of trouble with my big brother.
December 24, 2007 - my boy has lots of stuffed animals, and I have one all my own!
December 28, 2007: Skitters has this really cool hiding place. He likes to nap in here. I like to run through and attack him!
December 30, 2007: My boy is home! I spent the whole day playing with him and sleeping on him and just purring my heart out!
January 3, 2008: My boy loves to play in this big pool in the bathroom. Tonight the big humans thought it was funny to put me in with him. Guess what? I can swim! And jump out of water deeper than me! Fortunately, once they were done giving me my bath, they spent lots of time cuddling me and rubbing me dry with big fluffy towels. Tiring!
January 10, 2008: Back to the vet, where we sat forever while some noisy dogs misbehaved. The doctor said I was one of the best behaved kittens ever, though, even when he had to get a poop sample! It turns out that I have some bacteria, which is why my humans have been complaining about me being so stinky. So I get some bizarre butterscotch flavoured medicine for the week... but lots of cuddles and treats to make up for it!
January 12, 2008: I really miss my boy when he is not here. Sometimes I go curl up on his pillow and wait for him!
January 20, 2008: Mommy let us go out to play! Skitters showed me around a little bit, but really it was a tiny bit scary being outside, so I found my way back to the door and waited to be let in. Then I took a nap.
February 21, 2008: Mommy and Skitters had a birthday! I helped arrange Mommy's flowers, and then I got to share his cake (mmm, chicken with cheese sauce, our favourite!)
March 13, 2008: I love to climb. If it weren't for these silly rubber caps that Mommy keeps putting on my front claws, I would live at the top of the doorframes. Also, the trees in the back yard have definate possibilities that I'd love to explore someday. In the meantime, there are fortunately lots of bookcases to test my skills on!
March 21, 2008: Mommy tricked me! I was trying to open the door to see what was in the cabinet (there are stuffed animals she won't let me play with!), and then she opened it for me. And then shut me in!
April 11, 2008: Don't tell anyone, but I am almost all grown up now. Sometimes I even contemplate like a real kitty!
May 8, 2008: I may be small, but I can take down a boy just with cuteness! Also, sometimes he needs help grooming his hair, and I am a helpful kitty.
May 15, 2008: Mommy and Daddy got something called "grass" put in the back yard. I have to say, it's ever so much nicer to run around on than the rocks were! They still do not let us out to play as often as we would like!
July 28, 2008: Mommy & Daddy got us a toy! They called it a "mouse." I think it was fun to chase, but really I like my bouncy ball just as much!
August 19, 2008: Mommy got a whole bunch of new furniture today. The best part - a giant fish for me! I love my fish.
October 3, 2008: The weather got so much cooler that Mommy and Daddy have been letting us outside to play! I like it when Daddy doesn't mow the grass for a couple of weeks, I get to pretend to be a panther in the jungle!
October 12, 2008: I'm one year old today! I'm not sure what the fire thing was about, but my cake sure beat the one Mommy and Daddy had!
December 24, 2008: I love to help my boy open presents! Today was especially good, there were so many presents I ended up with playground covering half the living room!
March 29, 2009: I like to help Mommy wake up in the mornings. Sometimes she does not want to wake up, no matter how much I prrr, and then she tries to distract me with things like... kitty television! I'm working on a plan to get the little moving parts out, but they seem to be under water. Water!
June 21, 2009: Today was something called "Father's Day." It was very exciting, with all of the opening of things wrapped in tissue paper and bacon in bed. So exciting that even though Mommy and my boy stayed up all night watching movies, Daddy and I needed a nap!
July 4, 2009: My favourite place to nap is wherever my humans are. Sometimes they are busy, so I have to find something else to cuddle with...
September 20, 2009