Emperor Norton, aka Skitters the Brave
born February 21, 2007
adopted April 22, 2007
April 22, 2007 - first day home
One pound, two ounces, but big ambitions
Guess who wears the pants in the family?
Learning where it's ok to scratch...
...scratching brings treats!
All tired out...
...and everyone sleeps better with a teddy bear
flashback to day one...
...week two, double the weight!
If mommy's going on a trip...
...and out the window!
June 14, 2007 - mousie!
Damn pika puts up quite a fight!
Why does Daddy spend so much time here?
June 24, 2007 - the cat who ate for a week!
July 4, 2007 - 5 pounds, 4 ounces. Any questions why?
The Emperor meets his first other cat. Clearly, he will need a few lessons in diplomacy.
Skitters models his travel harness in preparation for another adventure in the car.
Building a castle for His Royal Highness is an excellent way to recycle packing materials.
But at the end of the day, there's nothing quite like the comfort of the royal throne. Oh, the humans want to sit here too?
Skitters knows that everything in the house belongs to him, which apparently includes my devil duck collection. He likes the red one.
He also likes to eat.
And eat.
And eat.
It may be time to stop giving him so many treats. :)
July 8, 2007 - Markus's birthday. Best cat toy ever: a piece of tissue paper in a room with a ceiling fan!
Skitters nows puts himself away for naps, placed neatly in the middle of the top shelf of our bed. He perches up there at night, too, a little like a gargoyle looking after our dreams.
July 14, 2007 - Kittens. (5.6 pounds this morning...)
I'm not quite sure. Yes, Markus is in the can...
What shall I eat today?
July 22, 2007 - inspecting the troops...
You cannot see me... I am invisible... I will get your ankles...
New game: fetch. If I bring my toys to the humans, I can trick them into throwing them for me!
I like to spend time with Mommy in the morning. Her hands are tasty to pounce on...
See my tummy? Doesn't it look soft and inviting to pet? Don't you want to pet me? (So that I can pounce on your hand and bite it?!)
Daddy took me swimming. I will get him back someday.