I once defined a portrait as an image that defined some aspect of the subject's personality... do these aspects of my life give you a portrait of me?

(OK, you caught me, this is really my personal bookmarks page... but it's all important to me for some reason, so...)

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Megan my Parents my Father
Simon's Rock Alumni Disorganization Caro Nat Gertler
Shannon Playapixie Jennifer
Intrepid Heroines Myneid Matt
Living in Canada Nova Scotia Mystic Seaport
Seattle Science Center Burning Man Zorb!
Cirque du Soleil PhotoArts photobetty
EarthCam Mirror Project JPG
Banned Books Salon Magazine nerve
Siren Song
by Margaret Atwood
Robertson Davies Charles de Lint
Dylan Thomas Neil Gaiman Starhawk
Spider Robinson Project Gutenberg gothic.net
User Friendly Something Positive Herd Thinners Inc.
Waiting for Bob News of the Weird Nowhere Girl
AdCritic The Onion Duct Tape!
HTML Code Tutorial W3C Webmonkey
Web Review dhtml Diner Design for the Web
Web Smart Colours Web Developer's Library irt.org
Javascript Library Flashkit Industry Standard
Jacob Nielsen's Alertbox WebXact Verisign
cnet irc servers Pocket PC
Natural Hazards Snopes Babelfish
The Lycaeum The Witches Voice Covenant of the Goddess
Seeing Ear Theatre Craig's List Monster.com
Internet Movie Database Blue Mountain Arts Geocaching
Vladi Islands LUSH State Line Tack
Dark Garden Good Vibrations Spiderchain
Harney Tea Tastykake! L.L. Bean
The Glass Bead Game Magic 8 Ball Where's George?
IWannaBeACanuck MyPoints King County Metro
another me Daily Freebies Hunger Site

And just to prove the Truth is really Out There

Merry ye meet, and merry ye part, and merry meet again. Blessed be!