Volvo Cars' 3CC Concept Off to a Running Start in Shanghai

...sustainable mobility vehicle earns the design award, and five gold standards, at Michelin Challenge Bibendum

Shanghai, CHINA (October 15, 2004) — Volvo Car Corporation turned the international debut of its latest advanced low-emission technologies and design solutions concept car into a case study revealing that environmentally-friendly vehicles don't have to be boring.

Competing in the 7th annual Michelin Challenge Bibendum — this year being held in Shanghai, China — the three-seater, lithium-ion electric powered Volvo 3CC achieved the Gold standard for Acceleration, Braking, Energy Efficiency, Low CO2, and Regulated Emissions. Volvo's concept car also took home the prestigious award for "Best Design."

Michelin's clean vehicle event is a forwarding-looking showcase of alternative energy solutions for sustainable mobility. Challenge Bibendum promotes progress in the development of environmentally-positive vehicles by providing an independent real world demonstration of advanced technologies. Over 500 media attended the event from more than 40 countries.

“For Volvo, we wanted to demonstrate do-able ideas of delivering sustainable mobility for future generations,” says Volvo Car Corporation spokesman Dan Werbin, Director Volvo Monitoring & Concept Center (VMCC) in Camarillo, CA. “Our job is to be innovative in giving consumers smart mobility choices that also reduce environmental impact and still be safe and exciting." he said.

Volvo Car Corporation sees this exciting vehicle, with its advanced materials, powertrain technology, and meticulous aerodynamics, as a tangible ‘demonstrator’ of a future where Volvo is heading.

Developed as part of Volvo's on-going study of looking ahead at transportation trends, the 3CC grew out of an optimal mobility philosophy.

Lars Erik Lundin, VMCC, General Manager, notes there were challenges to anticipating the needs of society and technological advancements of a future scenario. "Our objective was to fulfill the requirements of sustainability and environmental care, in a package that was functional and visually desirable," he said. "A static display and talking about its capabilities would have been acceptable for the concept, but making it drivable and demonstrating the messages made it real."

The 3CC is powered by 3,000 lithium-ion cells and thanks to its aerodynamic design accelerates from 0 to 60 mph in 10 seconds. And because of its clean energy solution there is no emission in the process.

"The 3CC is based on a future proof platform concept," said Ichiro Sugioka, Chief Science Officer on the project. "This version is electric powered, but a variety of powertrains can be used based on technology and regional energy resources."

The 3CC is a technological demonstrator and there are no current plans for production.

Joining the 3CC at the Challenge Bibendum was a bi-fuel Volvo S80 (powered by methane [CNG or biogas] backed-up by petrol) and the Volvo S60 PZEV (Partial Zero Emissions Vehicle developed to meet environmental legislation in California). Collectively, Volvo staked a claim to 10 Gold standards for the competition.

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