Volvos Gone Wild

OK, I was less than thrilled with Volvo's advertising campaign last year. I feel that a Swedish company really should make the effort to make sure their "Swedish" language ads actually make sense in Swedish. This year, however, I am quite amused - they're showing off naughty Volvos. I want a naughty Volvo, oh yes I do. (Dark blue S60, convertible, with the navy ragtop, please! My dream version is a hybrid, but, well, that's another few years out...)

BOSTON (March 3, 2010) — Global communications agency Arnold Worldwide has partnered with EuroRSCG 4D to develop an integrated campaign to promote the introduction of the new Volvo S60 at the Geneva Auto Show. The theme, "The Naughty Volvo", aims to build on the brand's responsible reputation by showing it has a fun and adventurous side, too.

The campaign objective is to spark conversation about the new model among driving enthusiasts by demonstrating the S60's driving dynamics, design and innovative technology. The campaign launches with a digital experience in March and will expand throughout the year to include TV, social marketing, press ads, experiential activity, outdoor and CRM elements.

The online campaign centers around three Naughty Volvo Films shot at Volvo's proving grounds in Sweden. The digital experience allows consumers to engage with the films, which feature increasingly mischievous product demonstrations. Users will be able to turn up the films from levels one to three to increase the excitement of the product demonstration. The films can be accessed at

Level One of the first film showcases The Naughty Volvo going through a product demonstration called Slalom. It shows the S60 undertaking a standard slalom test and finishes with the tagline, "Want it Naughty?" Level Two shows a naughtier looking S60 turning from standard orange to a hot red color completing the same course, but this time driving oh-so-close to delicate objects such as porcelain plates and a goldfish bowl which are precariously placed on top of the slalom cones. The end of Level Two asks the question, "Want it even naughtier?" Level Three shows the new S60 negotiating the same course, only this time driving backwards with expert precision. It ends with, "Not naughty enough? You tell us."

At this point, users will be invited into a crowd-sourcing program where fans of the car are invited to submit ideas on how to create a Level Four experience, the most adventurous and mischievous of the product demos. The winning ideas will be produced by Arnold and EuroRSCG 4D and released prior to the S60's on-sale date later this year.

Don Lane, Volvo global brand director for Arnold, said: "The Naughty Volvo campaign is designed to be as surprising and innovative as the product itself. We are three years into our relationship with Volvo and our partnership with EuroRSCG 4D. This is by far the most integrated, modern campaign we have developed together. We look forward to releasing additional exciting developments throughout the year."

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