The New Volvo Safety Concept Car
A few weeks ago, I received a random and unexpected email. It was an invitation to attend the "unveiling" of the new Volvo Safety Concept Car, in the SFMOMA in downtown San Francisco. As luck would have it, the date was for the week I was heading out this way anyway. The back end looks a bit like the 1800 wagon... but very little else looks familiar on this car! It does have some interesting tricks, like a video display to show you what's behind the car, sensors that adjust the driver's seat to you, judging from your eye level when you sit down, and fiber optic headlights that sense how fast the car is moving and on what angle, and adjust the headlight beams accordingly. I don't know if this car will ever make it to production, but I am glad to know Volvo is still leading the field in safety research.

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