Headquarters of Operation Overlord
June 29, 2007 - it took two weeks to get the furniture out of the nursery-to-be, but now the procrastinating stops. OK, so we got almost all of the furniture out. It turned out to be easier to tarp over the sofa. Shhh.
The worst section of peeling paint was removed and spackled. This might make the professionals cry, but the walls will be slightly better than when we started. So there.
The floor is tarped, the holes in the wall are fixed, the windows are washed and taped...
...and Overlord's Mommy even managed to get the first coat of paint on the two doors!
June 30 - the spackled areas get sanded and primed, the whole room gets washed. I hate washing walls.
Megan shakes the paint cans, and the baby, to get the paint mixed up. Still photos do not do justice to the belly. :)
For the record, we are using ultra-low emission environmentally friendly paint from a company here in Seattle, Best Paints. Better for the baby, better for the planet!
Sampson helps with the painting.
Two coats of edging all the way around; the ceiling has one coat on it. The trim will still be the hardest part, but we're making real progress!
July 3 - two coats of paint on the ceiling, walls, doors, and interior window frames... time to start on the trim!
That's right, the Overlord's secret headquarters look like a bottle of Mountain Dew. Josh is not allowed to feed the baby. :)