— The Paperboys

i've been wandering round
trying to figure out
exactly what i've done
have i done the right thing
when i start to doubt
this decision i've made
i remember what you said
and i feel that sting

we sit across these table
like so many other times
like codependent lovers
not ready to let go of each other's ties
i guess that this is goodbye

well i'm half to blame
for all that wrong
but i am not responsible
for leaving you when you're not strong
you took from me everything that was good
never caring what i felt
where i stood

and this
this may be my biggest mistake
i'll fall flat on my face
but they'll be my own fallings
i'm making my own fate
i guess that this is goodbye
this is goodbye

so i'll grab my things
and i'll be leaving soon
in spite of everything i can wish you well
perhaps one day when we both have changed
we can share a good laugh
it's too early to tell

it wasn't for not trying
and it wasn't for not loving
we still sit across this table
cutting anything that's binding
i guess that this is goodbye
this is goodbye
this is goodbye