Burning Man 2000: The Body
Our address in Black Rock City

For an event I'd spent half the last year preparing for, I managed to forget a lot of things. One of them, unfortunately, was a notebook, or any kind of pen and paper. So this year there's no Burning Man journal to share, only things I'm remembering after the fact.

Burning Man, once again, was mind-blowing. I love being part of something that big. Coming back to the "real" world hurt. If I could live in Black Rock City year-round, I'd jump at the chance. Well, the city that existed for the first half of the week, minus the yahoos. And with running water. :)

4:13 Heart, complete with Volvo XC
Stormy skies over BRC...
...resulting in some fantastic sunsets
The cafe in Center Camp... hi Perlick!
Every city has a newspaper, and a proper newspaper needs a crossword puzzle...
Burning Bell message center
The man made not to burn... because burning books is wrong...