Merry Month of May
May 2008
May 3: Markus takes 4th place in the STATE for the Cub Scout Pinewood Derby!
May 6: Arizona Diamondbacks vs. Philadelphia. Please don't ask me what the name of the Philadelphia team is. Markus tells us he really only wants to watch Mariners games!
May 7: The morning ritual: if Mommy doesn't have to get up for school, the kitties can hold her hostage all morning!
May 9: Fred and Caitlin celebrate their third anniversary. Ooops, make that Fred and Markus come to watch Caitlin graduate from nursing school, then promptly hop on a plane for Connecticut!
Caitlin and Kim, the teacher responsible for diverting her to pediatric nursing.
The mysterious knitted blue wig makes its first public appearance!
May 10: Becky and Caitlin accidentally get diverted to the Harney tasting room. Yummy!
At the Saturday night concert, there was a strange man with blue hair. We know for sure he didn't do more than two performances.
May 13: Chris and Elliott
Christa and Elliott
A very beautiful, if slightly silly, family.
Skessa explains what a bad Mommy Becky is for leaving her alone!
Canaan, Connecticut. It's kind of funny how many memories I have of this little town...
The station may be falling down, but the tracks are still in use...
May 15: home from our trip to find a brand-new backyard!
Some members of the family need to explore...
Some members of the family just play until they fall down!
May 19: IKEA kitty! Emperor Norton and Harun al Rashid try to convince the rest of the family that this tent is perfect for outdoor camping...
Caitlin's anniversary present to Fred: a little fire-pit for the back yard. Markus tests it out with hotdogs and s'mores!
May 20: With temperatures rising in the "Valley of the Sun," Markus is forced to do daily pool testing!