Lake Pleasant and the Perseids
August 12, 2007
On Saturday night, we were lying on a friend's roof watching the beginning of the Perseid meteor shower, and decided completely spur-of-the-moment to go camping and try to see them for real.
So on Sunday, the boys headed up to Lake Pleasant for some fishing and swimming, and I joined up with them after work - and after dark, which made for an interesting drive!
It was really too hot to be camping, but the views were fantastic...
Around 2 am, the meteors were coming at least one a minute. It was still too hot, and we ended up heading him around 4 am... but it was well worth the trip.
It is a good thing to get out of the city every so often, just to remember how many stars there really are.
Did I mention we brought the cat camping? He was sure the sounds in the bushes were far more interesting than the stars, but he was remarkably well behaved. He even used a camping litter box with no problem!